September 19, 2014

CIE Chronicles I Entrepreneur My Story

Chronicles... I Entrepreneur. My story, journey and filming began May 1, 2013 following:

* Temporary impeding experience with H1N1 flu illness
* Mother's inheritance stolen by sisters & brother
* Loss of housing April 29, 2013

As a determined faith-driven entrepreneur, I've experienced massive turbulence, then to now, resiliently pursuing stability while maintaining a focused business foundation servicing existing & new accounts.

Since 5//1/2013 I've been on quest to find "HOME," in order to build that which I desire. Relocation from Atlanta GA to Miami FL was the mark. GODs plan took me to Jacksonville FL, then Tampa FL, and now shortly back to Jacksonville FL to establish home base and business operations. I get this.

Soon I will begin sharing my long awaited story; "Chronicles... I Entrepreneur." with photos, videos and audios. It's sometimes funny, humorous, sad, serious, frustrating, difficult and absolutely insane.

Who would live like this to earn the BIG PRIZE?
Going the distance and never ever wavering or giving up?

Me. I would. I am. I BELIEVE.

I'm Ken Thompson, Action-Videographer and "Chronicles... I Entrepreneur."

July 14, 2014

LIVE Direct Sales Presentation Activity Tampa FL - Roll With Me

Engaging LIVE Direct Sales and marketing activity in Tampa. Ride along with me and see how I develop new business from the ground up.

Get more info and watch client sample video shoots at

February 11, 2014

Order A Biz Presentation Blog Website

Now you can affordably upgrade from a traditional website to a current times; Social media-driven Video / Photo "Presentation" Blog Website.

Your new vertical marketing blog will never incur hosting fees and you own it! You'll update it with ease from your desktop and/or mobile device. Create topic-driven posts & categories for the present or schedule automatic post on a desired date into future.

A marketing Presentation Blog Website enables you to target and grow your markets smarter, strategically, and with total promotional control.

Your new Multimedia Blog Website will have the same layout as and includes:

- 5 Large promotional slider photos (Photo Shoots)
- 2 Streaming videos (Video Shoots)
- 5 website pages with search engine meta data
- 3 Starter post pages with search engine meta data
- 3 Months of Major Search Engine Marketing
- Post categories
- Embedded contact form
- Gmail for your Blog Website
- YouTube as videos container with search engine meta data
- Account username & password
- On-line in 14 working days

Specially priced and on-line in 14 days!

Contact me with questions or to get started. If you're an existing or past customer in which I already have video & photo content, order now and easily replace media with your own when desired. The amazingly LOW price will amaze you!

A fast-track business solution.

January 12, 2014

Instagram Video Shoots Jacksonville Tampa Atlanta

"SAMPLE IG VIDEOS." Now you can upload professional quality High-Definition videos to your Instagram profile, giving viewers the best presentation of your goods & services to inspire new sales and leads. 

STOP-THE-MADNESS of showing poorly shot videos from mobile devices, step-up to affordable quality IG Video Shoots or Video Editing of your existing video footage (quality or decent quality).

I'm Ken Thompson, an experienced new arrival Tampa Action-Videographer, committed to quality multimedia since 2002. I make 15 seconds work to your businesses benefit on Instagram. Check-out these samples:


Your new IG video is skillfully edited to make visual sense without the use of distracting transitions. The objective is to motivate and inspire positive actions from your viewers, will assist you in accomplishing quality productions and presentations.

ORDER NOW!  BUY Individually or Buy 5 SPECIAL...
See more samples and details.

Instagram, Website, and Social Media Content for Audience Development.

January 5, 2014

Retail Action Videographer for Jacksonville Social Media Video Presentations

VIDEOSHOOTS began it's small business emergence specializing in Retail Videography, which includes: Stores, Fashion, Restaurants, Beauty, Health Care, Automotive, Recreation, Real Estate, Music, Grooming, Computing, Repairs and much more since 2002.

We understand how to video shoot real presentations, that enable viewers to inject themselves into the frames and generate favorable action you want. Such as; visit your business, call making inquiries, and share and promote video to their social contacts 24/7.

Today, a retail merchandise and/or services small businesses biggest advantage is building a quality updated portfolio of streaming videos for your marketplaces benefit, and they'll do the rest. 

Mobile devices are built for the purpose of streaming multimedia. So, if not already doing so, you're handing new sales to your competitors by choice. Stop the madness and develop your markets smarter, better with affordable stream video shoots for: website and social networking.

Integrate the acceleration of Instagram, and maneuver to lead positions in your markets.

For prices visit the and also check-out the VIDEOSHOOTS "Retail Portfolio" to watch more business video samples.

Instagram, Website, and Social Media Content for Audience Development.

January 4, 2014

Commercial Business Action Videographer for Jacksonville Business-to-Business Social Presentations

The VIDEOSHOOTS commercial videography service captures the best action in your B2B operations, which provides a powerful streaming video presentation to your business shoppers on Mobile Phones, Tablets, Desktops, and internet TV's too.

Give them what they want!

Buyers want to watch current & updated multimedia on your website and social media platforms. Doing this, builds increased small business branding presence, while giving your marketplace an opportunity to share streaming presentations to they're contacts, whom are otherwise not accessible. 

If not already done, it's smart to begin and consistently maintain an up-to-date video content portfolio of your goods & services on streaming video platforms like; Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

Integrate the acceleration of Instagram, and maneuver to lead positions in your markets.

For prices visit the and also check-out the VIDEOSHOOTS "Commercial Portfolio" to watch more business video samples. 

Instagram, Website, and Social Media Content for Audience Development.

November 23, 2013

Jacksonville Cultural Festival Videos Photos

THE CULTURAL FESTIVAL simply put, was an amazing joyful experience for all whom made the trip. In return, Festival love was demonstrated by all participants; organizers, sponsors, vendors, personnel, law enforcement, and performers. Everyone wanted you, family and friends to experience a wonderful time together celebrating good-times.

AND THEN THE PERFORMERS... Every entertainer in every group showed-up and showed-out, giving nothing less than their best they had to offer.

Vimeo   YouTube   Flickr   Pinterest

Instagram, Website, and Social Media Content for Audience Development.

November 12, 2013

Art Walk Videos and Photos

Every month 5-9 p.m. Check-out scenes from Nov. 12, 2013.
Now that Jax got break from windy-stormy weather patterns, I couldn't wait to embark on Jacksonville's "Art Walk" event. After pre-searching on-line for videos & photos finding zero, I was even more inspired to participate in giving these talented artists visibility on the World-Wide-Web. The artists I met were so cool; sincere, inspired, creative, and very passionate about their creations. And people shopping were quite amazing too, really! A wonderful atmosphere with ambiance "Walking the Art" over five blocks. Take the edge off at ART WALK. It truly is a fantastic evening in Jacksonville. 

Instagram, Website, and Social Media Content for Audience Development.

August 12, 2013

All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

We're making a joyful noise to residents, businesses / staff, families, commuters, and all others in Jax areas with delicious "All-You-Can-Eat" buffet. County Style!

At Jacksonville Buffet and Grill there's something for all ages: main entrees (variety), chef cook-to-order grill, salad bar, fruit bar, and desert bar too. So many choices in spacious comfortable surroundings.

So many food options for everyone!

June 21, 2013

Silk Floral Centerpieces For Home Office and Events

Add a breath-taking Silk Flower Centerpieces to your living room, office space, conference room, boat or special event tables. 

We have the ability to create the perfect Silk Floral masterpiece for your designated space and is unmatched by any other. 

Quality silk flower arrangements changes atmosphere and produces that warm-fuzzy-feeling most prefer. Always an ideal advantage to have.

Try Mom & Me Silk Flowers Today!

June 20, 2013

How To Use Streaming Video For Small Business Part 1

It's 2013, and staggering numbers of small businesses are yet to ingrate streaming multimedia into marketing actions. The majority are using videos passively. While fast-track small businesses lead the way with enthusiasm, taking full advantage of streaming assets on their website, social networking, and mobile downloading.

What are the benefits you ask? Engage audiences 24/7, Educate existing customers, Strengthen brand identity, Build vertical markets, Forge relationships at speed of the WorldWideWeb.

How To Steps (Part 1)

Camera Type
Use a basic video camera (not mobile device) with desirable quality.

Presentation or Advertisement
Your first one should be a "presentation" style video (not advertisement), as videos purpose is to caption-attention and secure-interest while introducing goods & services; benefits of patronizing business, showing quality.

Audio VS Overlays
Consider carefully, if you want presenter speaking or voice-over in video. To secure viewers undivided attention, I recommend neither by letting footage do the talking and adding strategic text overlay messages.

Video Social Sites / Marketing Meta's
Once video has been edited and rendered (compression recommended), you'll want to make your new video presentation a stationary asset on more than one social multimedia community (i.e. Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, etc.), in addition to rotating strategically on social networking sites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.).

When you begin the video upload, it's critical to fill-in fields in order to place in search engines and tertiary websites. So plan a different set of: Titles, Descriptions (include your domain name of url i.e., and  Tags (keywords) for each video community prior uploading. You'll be able to modify as needed.

Video Marketing / Embedding & Sharing
Now that your video has been uploaded, you're ready to begin marketing your quality multimedia by strategically embedding in your website & blog pages, plus sharing social media links in blog & social networking posts, e-marketing and the alike.

When rotationally posting your video on social media sites, do so strategically and with updated messages & links to maintain video presentation and business credibility.

Happy Streaming!
We recommend visiting...
Retail Video Directory
Business-to-Business Video Directory

Instagram, Website, and Social Media Content for Audience Development.

June 10, 2013

Gifting Community NonProfits with Online Videos

To aid active non-profit organizations (501c) in their community with maintaining financial contributions and donation activity, the on-line Esther Leotta Payne Foundation gifts qualifying organizations with a free professional video shoot and edited internet video for your website and social media promotions.

The simple streaming video can be a segment of your event or operations serving your community with financial assistance, food pantry and clothing (limited to day hours).

A video presentation motivates others to participate in giving, and since video can be streamed on mobile phones & devices, you'll significantly increase reaching desired gifting markets; consumers & businesses.

If givers can see it, they will respond to the need.

April 14, 2013

Reviewing and Choosing Right Blog Layout

I was long overdue for replacing my existing video website with an updated social media one. Once finding the time or rather time found me, I set a goal for tedious research over a four week period.

I knew what I needed, and wanted for an energizing website blog to represent a fast-track multimedia business. The design had to offer motivation, presentation, clean navigation, flexibility, growth and self-education in progress.

Turns out the course of action paid off after drilling down several choices and options, after reviewing about a hundred free & paid templates. I'm glad to have waited and methodically searched, as its a game changing decision for my small business.

The blog choices and options today are outstanding, don't rush into to it, but rather take your time to find the one to help you manage, facilitate, educate and grow your future empire too.